Monday, 10 November 2008


I am interested in who (if anyone - surely I am not doing it for nothing!) is reading this blog regularly, so I have added a Follower gadget at the top left. You can follow either anonymously or publicly - you choose and please do sign up.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle Taylor
BG I admit I have not followed this blog religiously for some time, but when I do look back I go back to where I last picked up. There are points on your blog which might not be relevent to me at the time of you writing them but they are certainly very useful.
I find it uplifting when you post something very positive and it gives me hope, but the times where you are frustrated just make me feel that I am not alone.
I tend to use UK Govs when I am in need of support or when I have something I really need to share and the occasional post from you reminds me to have a sneaky look at your blog.
Keep up the blog as it is something you can always look back on. I have no idea on how to do one, nor do I keep a diary in a hard form for my own information and this is certainly very much like a diary of your thoughts and experiences that you are willing to share with others. I wish I was half as committed as you are towards writing a diary,but the sad fact is I am not, but when \I try it is wonderful to look back and see how far I have come and the obsticles I have overcome.
IF you don't do this for anybody else BG do this for yourself.