Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The challenge of all-age, multiple site governance

At one of 'my' schools, we have just been reviewing our effectiveness as a GB - we run an all-age (3 to 19) special school on several sites including some mainstream partnerships. The discussion got to a point where we started to explore the governance issues associated with this unusual beast.

Stereotypically, primary GBs are much more involved/active than secondaries who tend to be more 'directorial'/strategic. Most schools only operate from one site that they 'own' (although federations challenge this model).

So the question we are to explore is

How can we be effective governors in an all-age special school meeting a range of learning needs in a variety of educational settings?

I feel sure that there are some specific challenges in this arena and wonder what you out there might be able to add to our deliberations?

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