Monday, 25 January 2010

On moving from one site to another.

I have blogged before about the challenge of moving off one of our sites becasue of building work at our host school. Things develop...

We are into the statutory consultation and the proposed new host school objects - not that they do not want us but they have other plans for the land we hoped to use and/or their objection is a negotiating tactic to get some 'sweetener' out of the LEA.

So where do we go now? Will the LEA just ignore the objections? Can they find some sweetener - although to sweeten the proposed host but not us would be annoying at least! Is there a Plan B?

The cynic in me, and some of our staff, would argue that this is a conspiracy by the LEA to have the move fail and thus force a less palatable alternative onto our school. My view tends to support cock-up rather than conspiracy theories and in that context the belated action on this has got in the way of a thorough and creative appraisal of options.

Where we go now is currently baffling me - any thoughts very welcome!

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