Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Developing your skills as a governor

I was recently asked the following question by somoene from SGOSS:

"Which of your existing management skills have you found most valuable in carrying out your school governorship... ...and which have your developed or added?”

I don’t think I have added any (after a 30-odd year working career at the most senior levels that might not be surprising) but all of the following come immediately to mind as having been used and hence developed:

Change leadership, coaching, stakeholder relationships, policy formation, influencing, negotiation, facilitation (of meetings mostly), leadership, Vision/Ethos/Values co-creation, financial strategy, meetings management, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, performance management, Emotional intelligence, patience, teambuilding, motivation, risk management, communicating in writing and verbally, presentations, workload (time) management, diplomacy...


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