Sunday, 27 July 2008

Holidays time - what to do...?

Well, school has finally closed for the next few weeks - what's a governor to do?

Go on holiday - yes!

Read up on all the stuff we missed over the last year? What's important I wonder - there is so much that sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish the Important/Urgent from the Unimportant/Not Urgent/Waste of my Time stuff. So I think not.

Start to think about HT's PM objectives for next year - definitely. Not least because he is being seconded away for 2 days a week to help implement our emerging Inclusive Learning Strategy across the whole city. This raises the interesting challenge of who will PM him on this aspect of his time and whether or not working 3 days a week for the school is likely to generate "sustained exceptional performance" and hence a pay rise - clearly some discussion will be needed with his other part-time manager on this one.

Get clearer about where the priorities lie for the next 12-24 months? Well that's a full governing body issue so I woudl not want to get too locked into my own thoughts.

So - rest then?

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Michell Taylor said...

do some clear thinking of where the GB needs to be directed. Especially where a GB has not been operating to it's optimum. Thoughts about the differnet committees we have, do they meet the needs of the school, the link governors that we have and don't have. Is there a better model that we can be using and prepare to present this to the FGB for discussion. Prepare the agendas for the forth coming year, ensure each committee (present and future) ToR are presented and are covered within agendas so nothing gets missed out. Consider our schools decion planner and the roles that we delegate and to whom.
All these need careful thought and prepartion for them to be presented to the FGB, and for governors to have their own thought s on what could be presented to them. As the first meeting in every school year covers this very same aspect.
Chell Taylor (anon cos I can't figure out I'm doing yet)