Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do we make any difference?

I have recently been elected to the Governors' Forum and as part of that volunteered to be part of a group with some form of oversight onto LEA purchasing; I may try to get onto the Schools Forum; I already attend 'Wedge' meetings (for governors from schools in a defined geographical area of the city) as well as my two governing bodies and a reference group on revamping special needs education in the city...

A bit more than many I suspect yet I still occasionally wonder if we really make any difference!

How much different would schools be if we had some city-wide or wedge-wide strategic governance with HTs and senior staff doing the implementation? (Large scale Federation might be one way to look at it.)
What difference do these various reference groups (for that is what most of them are as they have few executive or decision-making powers) make in the real world?

Are we just feeding our egos and taking up lots of time and cost for the LEA that might be better spent on the kids?

Discuss freely....please....

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