Friday, 7 August 2009

Help improve the chances for children with Special Educational Needs

Once again the Leeds NW SILC has the opportunity to win support for a project designed to improve their school’s environment. The Sun are working with Dulux to make a difference to the community – their ‘Paint for Change’ project gives us the chance to have the main hall at Penny Field repainted. All we need is lots of votes – yours counts, so please go to: click on Yorkshire to read a little about our project and then vote for us

(you might even win £1000 yourself, what more incentive can there be?) Do it now.

The Painting for Change project will benefit the pupils at the NW SILC, Penny Field Specialist site by creating an improved learning environment that will extend opportunities for disabled and/or multi-sensory impaired children and young people to experience their world through their senses and improve the quality of life in school as well as pleasure and self-esteem.

All the pupils have statements of special educational needs. All are either disabled and/or multi-sensory impaired. All are considered to be ‘vulnerable’.

In its present state the hall is drab and shabby and the walls are unpainted grey breeze blocks. The hall is the focal point of the school and needs to be visually stimulating to support our pupils to enjoy this multi-purpose area e.g. social and dining experiences, therapeutic activities, music, creative arts and school performances.

The Paint for Change Initiative would make a massive difference towards improving the learning environment for our pupils. The NW SILC is an all age, generic special school providing education for pupils aged 2-19 with a wide range of special needs including; moderate; severe; profound and multiple learning difficulties; emotional and behavioural difficulties; physical and or sensory impairment; specific medical conditions such as epilepsy; and autism. We work with other agencies and services e.g. health, social services.

Vote for us now – it only takes a minute of your time and will help these disadvantaged kids for a lifetime

It seems that you can vote with each individual email address you have!

Thank you – now get your friends and colleagues to vote too, why not ‘Forward’ this info to all your contacts?

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