Monday, 16 June 2008

FMSiS again..The Inspector Calls

Arriving tomorrow - is it more stressful than Ofsted? Perhaps for the office staff.

Straightforward Business Committee approving a few missing bits of paper; what was really interesting was to see, for the first time. a benchmark comparison of finances for some similar schools. We have the biggest budget and the lowest per pupil cost! Good or bad - you guess because I certainly am not sure (yet!). Threw up some stuff well worth investigating as part of a cost/Best Value review.

Incidentally find that we seem to have been disadvantaged in prioritising Primary Capital Spend. We have three buildings and they have not been treated independently (imagine - we coudl have a dump and a palace, so on avergae we are OK!), nor has our special situation as a Special School been accounted for in looking at Value Added. I hate to say "I told you so" but when we were consulted I did suggest that we consider whether or not the, surface valid, criteria might disadvantage us. "I told you so!"

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