Thursday, 12 June 2008

What a list of topics to rear their head!

Almost at the bottom of the list for capital spend, LEA possibly misrepresenting an email sent (by me!) to them; continuing debate about the implications of the 'Equal Pay Settlement', the improvement advisor we were to have seconded to us has taken an other job and no longer available, discussion about who should hold the Register of Governors' Interests and whether or not it is a public document, FMSiS assessors due in next week, more work on the HR Strategy...all these, and more that don't come immediately to mind, have reared their head in the last 3 days!

Perhaps as Vice-Chair, and perhaps because I tend to be more active than others, I do seem to get involved in all sorts. I sometimes wonder where to draw the line, not in terms of strategy vs tactics (I have a pretty clear position on that) but on which issues I ought to get involved in. The challenge is (at least) threefold- one that I only have so much time, two that anything I do reduces the involvement/development opportunities for other governors and three that the more I get involved in the more I risk getting accused (again) of 'doing everything'.

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