Sunday, 8 June 2008


Well, after searching all over I have failed to find any blog specifically devoted to school governance issues - so here it is.

I have been a governor at three school over the last 10 years; Chair at a mid-sized primary, Additional LEA governor at a school for pupils with Behavioural, Social and Emitional Difficulties in Special Measures and currently Vice-Chair at a Spcial School serving ages 3 - 19.

I am a Community Governor with no children at any of the schools I am involved in (actually I have no kids of my own, although I did 'inherit' three when me and my gorgeous partner hooked up - the story of being a step=father is another blog (but not one that I am going to write!).

There will be more about me on my profile but just thought you might like a feel for my involvement in school governance - I do it because I firmly believe that our kids deserve the best we can offer and that the future lies in their hands so we had better do right by them.

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